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Joy Novak offers weekly piano lessons in 30-, 45- and 60-minute sessions. Your comprehensive musical education will include exposure to a wide range of musical styles as well as lessons in the fundamentals such as note reading, rhythm reading, technique, and music theory. Students will have access to regular performance opportunities including recitals, performance classes, music festivals, and competitions. Joy strongly encourages regular participation in the Oregon Music Teachers Association's Syllabus Evaluation Program — a formal, annual assessment of a student's music theory and performance skills.

Lessons are priced as follows:
Lesson Length (minutes) Cost Per Lesson
30 $28
45 $42
60 $56

You may opt for a monthly or quarterly payment plan. Students who pay for a full quarter of lessons receive three months of lessons at a discounted rate. Families with more than one student enrolled receive 15% off all additional students on the monthly payment plan.

An extra materials fee will be charged at the beginning of each quarter to cover the cost of books, sheet music, and other learning aids. Please see the charts below for a summary of fees.

Monthly payment option
Lesson Length (minutes) Cost Per Month*
30 $112
45 $168
60 $224

*Cost shown is estimated according to a typical, 4-week month. Depending on the month and your scheduled lesson day, you may have up to 5 lessons per month. As a result, the total cost will change accordingly.

Quarterly payment option
Lesson Length (minutes) Cost Per Quarter
30 $280
45 $420
60 $560

This option is available at the beginning of Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.

Terms run as follows:
Fall Term September through November
Winter Term January through March
Spring Term April through June

Lessons are available but not mandatory in August and December. Lessons are not offered in July or during holidays and vacation times recognized by the Hillsboro School District's semester schedule.


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